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RFID battery-supported
PV Harvesting solution

"The very first sustainable RFID e-paper tag with advanced PV harvesting indoor"

ESL 3.0 prototype.png


  • No battery required

  • Charged by PV indoor (start from 200 lux like LED light)

  • The protocol follows EPC Class1 Gen 2

  • Using ultra-low power consumption 2.9" EPD

  • Refresh time  up to 3 to 5 sec

  • Effective distance up to 50 to 100 cm ( depends on UHF reader power and antenna gain)

Applied to RFID Turnkey solution by strategic partner
Wistron NeWeb (WNC)

ESL 3.0 prototype.png

New RFID Turnkey Solution Features (WAVE® antenna)

  • Easy installation. No need further adjustment on antenna

  • Constraint read zone

  • Lower stray read issue

WAVE® Antenna Tunnel

Tunnel can read at item and case level on conveyer belt

WAVE® Antenna Portal

  • Pallet and case level

  • Portal can be applied on dock door and access

Electronic Shelf

  • Layer level accuracy

  • Highly efficient inventory checking and equipment management

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