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SMarttag Passive Card -2.90"



2.9" Display

equipped with 4.20-inch e-paper display with the resolution of 296x128px (DPI: 120).

Slim design.jpg

Slim design

Smarttag Card-line is a series of super slim, like card-looking devices. Outer dimensions of this device is 121.0x45.3mm and its thickness is only 5mm. Glossy front and matte backside gives it a modern and elegant look.

Multiple Colors

This product comes in many different display colors. You can choose a standard black&white display or dark-blue, light-blue, green or red color.

NFC connectivity

NFC connectivity is crucial for this device. It not only transfers an image data but also supplies a power for the device. Thanks to the NFC, SmartActions can be used.


SmartActions are a bunch of features that let the device interact with any approached mobile device, even if it does not have the lummico mobile app installed. What's more, using them does not require the Smarttag to be powered by any battery or reader. Tap the tag with a mobile device and see the magic happens. Just don't forget to turn on the NFC.

So what exactly are the SmartActions and what can they do?
Take a look at the list of basic actions below:

How it works

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